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Immigration Physical (not including vaccines or tests) $260
Redo Immigration Physical if i693 form was completed by us (not including vaccines or tests) $200
Reissue i693 form in a sealed envelope $10
Copy of i693 form $10
Form N648 Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions $260

Commercial Driver $100
FAA classes 1(not including EKG), 2, 3, Basic Med $120
Pre-employment and employment $100
OSHA respirator medical evaluation $100
School Sports $50

Drug and Alcohol testing:
Urine Drug test for Department Of Trasportation $65 (this consists of fees for collection $22, lab $14, Medical Review Officer $29)
Breath alcohol test $45
Random Urine/alcohol selection $100 per person per year. This inclues the fee for the urine drug test and breath alcohol test for the selected persons

Tuberculosis skin test (Mantoux, Protein Purified Derivative) $30
FAA EKG for Class 1 $50
Pulmonary Funtion Test $65, does not include physician encounter
Copy of medical records $1 per page

Flu $35
Tetanus (Tdap) $65
Mump Measles and Rubella (MMR) $95
Pneumococcal vaccine Pneumovax23 $105

We do not accept any insurance plans

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